Dipping Items

If you require fresh fruit / dessert style dipping items, Falling for Chocolate would be happy to provide them. We have several yummy choices that would be welcomed by all chocolate lovers!!  The items are decoratively plated and placed around the fountain after it has been set up.  Ask us about your choices and a quotation.  Please ensure your event venue is able to accommodate these items as well.

“Regular Dipping items – Fruit/Dessert Items” We provide a number of  items per person and use a selection of different kinds of seasonal fruit. We always try to include strawberries but it is sometimes difficult due to their seasonal unavailability. Included may also be pineapple, melons, grapes and oranges. Items such as bananas and apples are not included as they have a tendency to go brown throughout the event. Our dessert items for this pricing would include cream puffs, biscotti, rice krispie bites,  assorted marshmallows and pretzels.

Dipping Items

A display of our dipping items

“Deluxe – Fruit and Cake Style Items” Our deluxe dipping items in addition to the fruit items described above includes some dessert style items. We have several options which could include a thin rolled wafer, small biscotti and cream puff. We shy away from cut cake which may shed crumbs as they can be a bit unsightly in the flowing chocolate. The total number of items per person would be 8. You would want to definately discuss what options would work for your guest count and dessert venue.

“Item Request” If you wish, you may order a certain number of specific items. So for example you would order 500 of a variety of items.  These items would serve 100 people if you were allowing for 5 items each or 250 people if you were allowing 2 items each.  Please keep in mind, the more other desserts that are offered the fewer items need to be included with the fountain.  Please note, that a request for a specific item, for example strawberries when they are out of season, would have to be discussed.

Our wafers, biscottis, donut holes and cream puffs can be purchased from Falling for Chocolate and brought to your caterer or kitchen staff for them to display. Ask us about our homemade sugar cookies in specific shapes for your event!!

If Falling for Chocolate is providing your dipping items, we bring along skewers that we display in decorative containers around the fountain for your guests to use to skewer the fruit prior to dipping.  These skewers in bamboo, frilled toothpicks and elegant icicle picks are also available for sale should you be supplying your own dipping items.  Please email us for pricing.