Fountain Rentals

Falling for Chocolate carries a large inventory of fountains for rental purposes…in 6 different sizes.  The whisper quiet feature of these fabulous fountains make them top of the line for entertaining in any setting!!

We also are happy to introduce our spectacular  Double Fountain.

HOME Chocolate Fountains (Fondue)

chocolate fountain - home use
…for Home Use / Small Parties

HOME RENTAL — This is our Mini as it’s the smallest size in our trio of home chocolate fountains —A terrific option, if you are having a kid’s party or a small social gathering, but want to WOW your crowd, would be to take advantage of our small HOME rental fountain.  This fountain serves up to approx. 40 guests.  It comes with 4 lbs. of chocolate and pickup/cleanup/return is your responsibility.   It rents out on a daily basis, which includes 4 lbs of delicious Sephra chocolate.  We have a very cost effective courier service which is available to you as well for convenience of time/energy!!   This is a great way to have alot of fun with Chocolate!!   Please give us a call to inquire about our other rentals for larger gatherings!!

Now you have an option to rent a HOME fountain for your special events in the privacy of your home……instructions are easy!  This same fountain also is available for sale!

CHOCOLATE: Additional supurb SEPHRA Chocolate (milk, dark, or white) – is available if you require more chocolate for your rental or purchase of your fountain.


SMALL Commercial Chocolate Fountains – Rentals

For a little larger crowd and a full service rental (we delivery/cleanup/pickup)  – serving approximately 50-75 people.  It rents out on a daily basis and comes with 5 lbs. of decadent Belgian Chocolate – milk, dark or white.


Chocolate Fountain - Small

.....great for Office Parties!

chocolate fountain small

....milk chocolate .. yummm!!

chocolate fountain - small

....different angle - very scrumptious!!

MEDIUM Chocolate Fountains

– 34” tall and 24” in diameter. It serves from 100 to 250 people.  It rents out on a daily basis and comes with 10 lbs. of decadent Belgian Chocolate – milk, dark or white.  Additional chocolate may be included at extra cost.  This is a full service rental. Our SEPHRA 34″ fountain is also available for purchase.

chocolate fountain - medium size

LARGE Chocolate Fountains

– stands 44” tall with a diameter of 24” and is appropriate for gatherings over 250+ people.  It rents out on a daily basis and comes with 20 lbs. of decadent Belgian Chocolate – milk, dark or white.  This is a full service rental.

chocolate fountain - large

...the big guy with milk chocolate!


Each size of fountain requires a minimum amount of chocolate to start with to make for an effective visual display. Once half of the starting amount of chocolate has been consumed the tiers begin to split as there is not enough chocolate in circulation to maintain a consistent flow.  So, even if the suggested amount might be 10 lbs of chocolate (which would be good for 100 or so people), you might want to consider 12 lbs to keep the dramatic look throughout the event.  Additional chocolate is available for purchase in increments of 2 lbs.  The fountains also hold a maximum amount of chocolate at a time, so you do not want to add more than the maximum at once.  We are happy to help with any inquiries and questions you may have.


DOUBLE the decadence!!  Two chocolate flavours or chocolate and caramel or ….

Double Chocolate Fountain

Double CHOCOLATE !!! Double Delicious!!

This is the newest in our line of fountains and is absolutely a unique display and cost effective way to entertain and offer the best of the best …. go Las Vegas style and experience this fabulous display of decadence!!  This is our only fountain which is on a rental basis only – all our other fountain sizes are for rent as well as available for sale.  Oooooolaaaalaaaaa…………..


Double Chocolate Fountain

Double Chocolate Fountain - a Closeup View MILK / WHITE Chocolate

Double Chocolate Fountain

MILK / WHITE Chocolate