Custom Chocolate



THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!   Everyone will be so amazed!!

It’s Personable!   It’s Edible!   It’s Memorable!

Our Chocolate Gifts and party favours are for any event, occasion or budget! Chocolography™ is a patented technology which we have introduced to B.C.  We are able to reproduce any picture, image, logo or message right on the surface of delicious chocolate. We will help you create unique and highly personalized products, which will astound even the most sophisticated customer.

WHAT IS NEEDED: It’s simple…..we’ll require a digital or hard copy photo, logo or image, and any text you would like added. The image should be in a high resolution, 300 dpi or higher.  We are currently offering several unique chocolate items to choose from. We may need to do some adjusting of the image but we would be happy to send you a digital sample of your item prior to production.  For a small fee you can come by our office or have us send you an actual sample.  If you decide to go ahead with your order, the sample cost will be applied as a credit at that time.

WHEN DO WE START: When we have your artwork approval we get printing!

HOW MANY: We are able to make 1, 10, or any number of pieces to meet your requirements and budget. There are no minimum quantities, all orders are subject to a $35.00 – $50 set up charge, depending on the quality/placement of the images provided. We reserve some artistic license during the placement of images and text and you should keep in mind that the printing is more akin to inkjet printers than laser printers. However, a high quality image will ensure the best final product and they look pretty fantastic!! Our products are made from rich gourmet chocolate with FDA approved food colouring.  Also, to keep in mind, no two pieces are going to be exact, but we do our best to make them as close as possible.  This is due to the texture/size of the actual chocolate product itself.

DELIVERY: We require 7-21 business days for production after approval. It really depends on the product and quantity of your order.  We do our best to adapt to every situation.  Orders can be picked up at our Aldergrove office or can be shipped. All payments must be received prior to printing. We accept Visa, MasterCard and also cash or cheque.


Lollipop – 3″ in diameter – can be ordered in cello or a clamshell cover as shown here!

Chocolate Lollipops - 3"

Personalized Chocolate Lollipops


A bunch of LOLLIPOPS!!

Business Carduse this to wow your clients, for wedding favours, baby announcements and almost anything – the results are delicious!!  They come in either a cello wrapper or an acrylic case as shown here — same size as a business card.  Insert your real cardstock business card at the back so they can eat one and keep one!!

Chocolate Business - Favour for Weddings

Wedding Favours too!!

Truffles –
Belgian Chocolate — these can be used as one or more and have a logo or picture printed on them.  They are perfect for events, etc. and are available as singles, two/pkg, four/pkg.  Custom packaging is also available.  They come either in cello packaging or acetate clear boxes.  All look exquisite and are a big hit.  Corporate events with your colour logo in chocolate — very cool!!


Chocolate Belgian Truffle

Single Packaged Truffle in Cello



Chocolate coins - yum!— the size of a toonie ( 1 3/4″) – and a great conversation piece!  Come packaged in Cello!  Keep a handful readily available to show everyone you go “outside” the box!!  These are readily available and are the latest in edible art to include your logo or a picture or whatever you like… will be noticed handing out these tasty morsels!!